The Reptiles & Amphibians Series

The Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book range was written by award-winning author and primary school science teacher Rebecca Johnson, who has written more than 60 books for children. Her Steve Parish Insect story book range won the 2014 Whitley Award for Best Children’s series.

A great additional science resource for teachers and the fiction stories that accompany the facts make the learning even more fun. Rebecca received the 2010 Peter Doherty Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and continues to teach primary school science as a specialist subject today.

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Anna the Goanna

Anna the Goanna is in the mood for eggs for breakfast, but things aren’t going quite the way she planned. After a very frustrating day, she heads home to a very unexpected surprise. Themes include predator/prey relationships, features of survival and animal behaviour.

Banjo the Banded Sea Snake

Banjo the Banded Sea Snake has all of his needs met, except for one. He is lonely and becomes more and more distressed that his situation is never going to change – until an unlikely sea creature comes to help. Themes include friendship, trust and the needs of living things.

Crafty Crocodile

Crafty Crocodile is a persuasive rhyme from a crocodile’s perspective. All he asks is that you trust him and his family, and join him for lunch. Would you do it? Themes include persuasion, structural and behavioural adaptations and humour.

Desmond the Death Adder

Desmond the Death Adder is not too popular among the other desert animals because of the dirty tricks he plays on them. Finally, the others come up with a plan to foil Desmond. Themes include features of survival, camouflage, team work and adaptations.

Gorgeous Geckos

Gorgeous Geckos gives a glimpse into the many species of geckos on this planet, not just the ones we see in our houses. Written in rhyme, the many amazing features of geckos are discussed and brilliant close-up photos show just how beautiful they really are. Themes include variation of species, adaptations and survival.

Grace the Green Sea Turtle

Grace the Green Sea Turtle is looking for a particular beach. It’s a long journey, and along the way she must face a number of dangers, both natural and man-made. Themes include habitat destruction, pollution, predator/prey relationships and life cycles.

Stanley the Saw-shelled Turtle

Stanley the Saw-shelled Turtle is concerned because all of the animals that are part of his food chain seem to be disappearing from his creek. On closer investigation, Stanley realises the problem is a result of human activity. Luckily, someone else has seen the problem too and can help. Themes include pollution, team work and food chains.

Super Snakes

Super Snakes tells us why snakes are often much misunderstood, and given a pretty bad run, despite being such a vital link in the biodiversity of the planet. This rhyming story gives an alternative viewpoint about snakes and why we need them. Themes include biodiversity, defence mechanisms, fear and protection of species.

Terry the Toad

Terry the Toad is a rhyming tale about the spread of cane toads across Australia, the resulting environmental impact, and what can be done to stop the spread. Themes include introduced species, feral animals and environmental impacts.

Trevor the Tadpole

Trevor the Tadpole is very worried. He thinks that he is a toad, despite what his parents tell him. They must explain each feature he has that is different to a toad tadpole. In the end, only one thing finally convinces him. Themes include differentiation between frog and toad tadpoles, metamorphosis, anxiety and humour.