Insect Series

The Insect Series focuses on metamorphosis, survival, adaptations, properties of natural materials and the usefulness of insects through fiction stories with stunning close-up photos of insects of all kinds. These books won the 2014 Whitley Award for Best Educational Series and have strong listed links to the Australian Curriculum for many year levels.

A great additional science resource for teachers and the fiction stories that accompany the facts make the learning even more fun. Rebecca received the 2010 Peter Doherty Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and continues to teach primary school science as a specialist subject today. Click here for two free activity sheets to accompany each of the books in this series 

Winner of the 2014 Whitley Commendation for Best Educational Series, the Insect Series (published by Pascal Press) has strong links to the Australian Curriculum, presenting facts and scientific knowledge in a fiction format with stunning photographs.

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Boris the Beetle

Boris the Beetle is very afraid of the dark, because that’s when the monsters come out. However, when he is caught out after dark one night, he soon discovers that things are not always as they first appear. Themes include life cycles, judgement and facing fears.

Cassie the Caterpillar

Cassie the Caterpillar is in no rush. She wants to take her time to enjoy the tasty leaves and to chat to the others. When they all leave without her, she thinks she has made a terrible mistake. Themes include life cycles, instincts and friendship.

Crazy Crickets

Crazy Crickets are driving the other native animals mad. They won’t stop chirping and keeping everyone awake. They eventually are quiet and everyone is happy—until another animal takes advantage of the situation. Themes include survival, usefulness, predator/prey relationships.

Doug the Dung Beetle

Doug the Dung Beetle has had enough of cattle making fun of his job. He convinces his mates to go on strike and give them a taste of their own medicine, which doesn’t turn out well for the cattle. Themes include respect, logical consequences and decomposers.

Dragonfly Dance

Dragonfly Dance is a rhyming story about the beauty, diversity and abilities of dragonflies as they go through their life cycles. Beautiful, close-up images of different species show just how diverse they are. Themes include features of survival and adaptations.

Max the Mealworm

Max the Mealworm is bored. He doesn’t want to live in a box of bran any more, he wants to see the world. When no-one takes him seriously or sees him for the insect he is, he returns home in a very different form. Themes include metamorphosis, features of insects and misunderstanding.

Nifty Native Bees

Nifty Native Bees are tiny compared to their European friends. The bigger bees don’t have a lot of time for the little guys, until they see that they have a very important role to play for Australian native plants in this rhyming story. Themes include usefulness, understanding and diversity.

Sneaky Stick Insects

Sneaky Stick Insects want to play hide and seek, but they can’t seem to find a fair way to go about it, as everyone blends in differently. They are so busy squabbling that they are taken by surprise and must think very quickly to survive. Themes include camouflage, adaptations and competition.

Stella the Silkworm

Stella the Silkworm overhears some sheep boasting about the wonderful properties of wool. She decides to add to the conversation and tell them about silk, but is made fun of by the sheep. The sheep eventually learn that Stella was right, when silk saves the day. Themes include life cycles, properties of materials and learning a lesson.

Mosquitoes Book of Dirty Tricks

The Mosquitoes’ Book of Dirty Tricks is the secret guide book for mosquitoes and how to get what they want from humans. By reading their secrets, humans can learn about their life cycle, habitats and requirements to stop them in their tracks. Themes include life cycles, needs of living things and parasitic relationships.