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First Facts Dinosaur Series
This exciting new series enables easy comparing and contrasting between groups and species of prehistoric animals that lived 65–250 million years ago. The books are full of interesting scientific facts written in simple language for early readers to understand. The facts are supported by colourful illustrations and diagrams to fascinate all young dinosaur lovers.
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First Facts Series
These books have been designed to give children a clear understanding of the six main groups of animals. They include the features and characteristics that are used to classify animals that belong to each group. The structure of the books allows for easy cross checking, contrasting and comparison between animal groups, making them suitable as a research tool and for direct teaching situations.
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Reptile & Amphibian Series
The Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book range is a fiction series with stunning photographs highlighting the importance of reptiles in our ecosystems and the features they have to enable them to adapt to a variety of environments.
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